The first step to protecting your data is to prevent attacks from happening in the first place. 

The best way to do that is with a human firewall. The best human firewall is your staff. 

Cyber threats come in all shapes and sizes. There are physical access attacks (like someone physically breaking into or accessing a computer in the building), phishing scams (emails that are designed to trick you into providing sensitive information), malware (malicious software which steals, hides or compromises your data in some way) and many more. 

  • Do you know how to spot, recognise and prevent these threats? 
  • Do you have a cyber security strategy in place? 
  • Has your team been specifically trained in what to do should an attack happen? 

If not, then your data is at risk and you are missing the most fundamental aspect of data protection. 

It’s important to note that not all threats to your data are malicious, however. The threat of a simple human error cannot be downplayed. 

Not everyone is a wizard on a computer. Sometimes mistakes will happen, data will be corrupted and important information lost. 

By training your team, you create a human firewall which will minimise the number of attacks that actually make it through to your data. 

Not only that, you’ll make sure they know exactly what to do on a day-to-day basis to keep your data secure, your information safe and your business protected. 

Our cyber security training is tailor-made to suit your healthcare business. We analyse what training you need, who needs it and how best for it to be delivered. 

If your team has not been trained in cyber security awareness, your business is at risk NOW. 



Having a human firewall is the first step to keeping your data safe; prevention. 

Step 2 is protection, having an actual firewall. 

Every business can be attacked online, and not every attack can be recognised early and prevented. Remember when the NHS was attacked in 2017 and how much chaos it caused? 

If an institution like that is at risk, so are you. 

By using the right software, in the right way and with a team who knows how to use it, you can help ensure that your business is as protected as it can be. 

Our cyber security software provides:


Endpoint Protection Software not only recognises and prevents malicious software attacks on your business, but it can also seek out and block threats already existing on your devices. Endpoint Protection Software is more than just anti-virus protection, which can only block certain attacks. Endpoint Protection is an active online defence for your business. 

Full Disk

Full Disk Encryption keeps your data safe by converting it into code that cannot be easily read or deciphered by anyone you have not authorised to access it. Our software will encrypt all of your data, protecting it from being stolen or manipulated by anyone without authorised access. 

Threat Defence

Dynamic Threat Defence offers your business cloud-based protection, even from unseen or new cyber threats. Cyber security is a cat and mouse game. Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new and clever ways to attack, hack or threaten your business. With Dynamic Threat Defence, you do not need to wait until new threats are recognised and a solution developed for them. Our software will isolate any suspicious programmes, files or software and analyse them in a secure sandbox environment before they can reach your data. 

If you are using simple antivirus software or platform for your data protection, you are playing into the hands of cybercriminals.

Programmes which simply sent you a pop-up notification that there is a suspicious programme, or just run a monthly scan of your machines aren’t anywhere near enough. 

You need software that will seek out existing malware, encrypt your data to keep it protected and also identify new and initially-unrecognised programmes. 

You need Samera Data Defence. 



Unfortunately, neither humans nor computers are infallible. Sometimes, attacks may get through, despite your best efforts. 

When this happens, your data can be stolen, corrupted or even hidden and held to ransom.

The best solution? Simply recover an early backup of your data!

By regularly creating secure copies of your data, you can ensure that even if your protection is breached and your data is compromised, you can simply revive it with the touch of a button.

We offer 3 levels of backup protection to give you full control over where your copies are stored and how long it may take to recover them. 

level 1:

2 hours minimum recovery time.

Backs up your data to our server.

level 2: 

2 hours minimum recovery time.

Backs up to our server, then replicates to cloud backup (Amazon S3).

level 3:

Recovery within minutes.

Backs up to onsite NAS that then replicates to us, then again to Amazon S3.

The best backup protection is to keep copies of your data in 3 separate locations. We will keep a copy, a copy will be kept on a cloud-based server and, most importantly, a copy will be kept on-site in your business. 

By keeping copies in several locations, and by keeping one of them on your site, you can greatly minimise, not just the risk of all copies being corrupted, but also the time it will take to restore your data.